"Julia and also Thomas Salvatore." The target market slapped and also Elena as well as Stefan grinned happily as their kids strolled up as well as obtained their little certifications of promo. Stefan got to over and also took Elena''s hand, attempting to claim like it was immaterial yet she might see the light flush tenting his attributes.

"I' rejoice I made a decision to make that contribution ... we have 2 wonderful as well as really attractive kids." He murmured as he saw them kick back down with the remainder of their course.

"It''s odd; when we initially fulfilled Damon informed me vampires could not procreate." Stefan grunted.

"Damon talks his women that, he simply does not desire youngsters." Elena frowned and also Stefan pressed her hand.

"Do not allow it trouble you ... I''m the fortunate bro." He winked and also she transformed scarlet, taking pleasure in the feeling of his fingers tied with hers ... Damon never ever allowed her hold his hand.

"And also Katherine is the fortunate sibling." She mumbled, wishing he would not listen to however neglecting his vampirism provided him benefits. His eyes shed a few of their luster and also his smile failed.

"I''m simply a decline in the sea to her, Elena. One decrease in a sea of guys that she dabble. She does not like me." He chose to quit there, horrified that his voice would certainly break. Elena''s heart damaged.

"She''s a fool." Stefan swiftly relied on take a look at her, his heart jumping right into his throat. He glimpsed down at their laced fingers and after that back right into her delicious chocolate brownish eyes.

"Allow me take you out this evening. I have a good friend that can enjoy the children." He used. Elena changed annoyingly in her seat, carefully drawing her hand from his.

"I can not, Stefan. We''re both wed, it would certainly be incorrect." He leaned and also sighed in closer to her.

"What do you assume our partners are out doing with each other now? I can ensure you it''s greater than simply supper. Begin, Elena ... I need to understand you." He claimed the tail end extremely as well as Elena needed to reduce the screech that was gurgling in the rear of her throat. Incapable to discover her voice she merely responded and also Stefan grinned in success, transforming claimed smile to his youngsters as the event involved an end as well as they went to him.

"Mother, Uncle Stefan, look!" They screamed concurrently as well as handed the certification to Elena. Stefan chose both of them up, resting one on each hip.

"I' take pride in you, kiddos! Exactly how around some gelato to commemorate?" They responded excitedly and also Elena chuckled, fifty percent at her children and also fifty percent at the flirty appearance Stefan was sending her means.

When Stefan as well as Elena made it to Dairy products Queen he evaluated at the doubles.

"Allow me presume ... you both desire Strawberry?" They responded as well as Elena looked at him in shock.

"Exactly how did you understand that? Damon never ever also keeps in mind which foods they favor."

"Well, Strawberry is my preferred as well as they''re my youngsters so I type of simply thought." He stated with a thoughtful smile. This happy Elena and also she beamed as she handed them their gelato.

"Are you my genuine Dad?" Julia asked oddly as she climbed up in Stefan''s lap. Method to go, Salvatore. Stefan believed to himself; virtually face palming that he' would certainly stated that before them. He fired a stressed aim to Elena as well as she shrugged her shoulders, leaving it as much as him. Stefan was wishing to be closer to Elena and also his kids, craving the love he never ever obtained from Katherine, so he responded. He delicately touched his child''s cheek and also she took a lengthy lick of her gelato cone.

"Yes, Sweetie. I am." He whispered. Thomas piped up.

"Are we expected to call you that?" Stefan chuckled.

"Just if you desire also, or you can simply call me Uncle Stefan like you constantly have."

"I would certainly call you Father however ..." Julia routed off as well as her lip started to tremble and also she got to throughout the table and also pulled on Elena''s tee shirt to where it subjected her shoulder. 3 big bite mark scars and also a pair fresh swellings covered it.

"You' hesitate he would certainly penalize Mother?" Stefan asked in a busted murmur. Julia responded. He drew her closer to him.

"I will not allow that take place. I guarantee to stop that."

"Are you mosting likely to be her Royal prince Charming?" Julia''s voice was cute as well as her concern was so charming that Stefan break out laughing and also looked soulfully right into Elena''s eyes.

"If she''ll allow me." Elena flushed and also Julia screeched, reversing and also pressing Stefan''s neck in a hug.

When the kids completed their gelato Stefan drove them to his pal Lexi''s residence. When they knocked on the door she looked stunned to see them.

"Stefan! I have not seen you because your 161st birthday celebration! Embrace me!" The bouncy blonde shouted and also she flung herself at Stefan. He giggled as well as patted her on the back.

"Could you do me a support, Lex?" She smiled.

"Anything!" Stefan grinned and also took the hands of both his youngsters.

"I was wishing to go out with this lovely girl tonight, as well as I require somebody to see my youngsters." Lexi frowned.

"Katherine out being a hoe?" Stefan responded and also she sighed.

"Okay, I''ll take great treatment of the youngsters. Have a good time you 2." She stated with a wink and also opened her door large, gesturing for the youngsters to find in. They looked vast considered at Stefan however he patted their heads.

"It''s alright, Lexi''s enjoyable, you''ll like her." They kissed Elena farewell and also vanished right into your house. Stefan took Elena''s hand once again as well as strolled her to her side of the cars and truck.

"Where are we going?" She asked. He smiled as well as kissed her on the cheek.

"It''s a shock." She flushed of what seemed like the thousandth time that day.

"What is it regarding you that makes me seem like I''m a young adult once again?" She asked silently. Stefan obtained and also shrugged know the vehicle driver''s side.

"You make me really feel this way also, Elena. I understood you needed to feel all of it those Xmas''s as well as birthday celebrations ... the power airborne when we''re near each other. It''s constantly existed, this chemical destination." She grinned regretfully at him.

"You can not speak by doing this, Stefan. I''m your sister-in-law." Stefan considered the roadway intently, as if he were assuming really difficult concerning something.

"You''re the mom of my kids. You''re greater than my sister-in-law as well as you understand it. Do not claim like what we' have actually been doing this entire time implies absolutely nothing. It suggests whatever to me, Elena. I''m so lonesome." He confessed.

"I''m lonesome also. Really lonesome." He pressed her hand.

"I''m mosting likely to take this slow-moving, I''m mosting likely to do points as right as I can in this scenario. However I guarantee you, if it''s the last point I do I''ll see to it he never ever harms you once again ... which you will not be alone any longer. We will not be alone any longer." Elena really did not respond to, disliking just how her heart stumbled when he checked out her and also exactly how she constantly held on to his every word. She really did not wish to be he or she, she really did not wish to be to Damon the method he was to her ... yet with all that had actually taken place that day in between her as well as Stefan, she could not question yet assist if this is what genuine love seemed like. Was it?