Walter Lee Younger

The lead character of the play. Walter is a daydreamer. He wishes to be abundant as well as designs strategies to obtain riches with his close friends, specifically Willy Harris. When the play opens up, he wishes to spend his papa’& rsquo; s insurance policy cash in a brand-new alcohol shop endeavor. He invests the remainder of the play constantly busied with uncovering a fast option to his household’& rsquo; s variousproblems.

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Beneatha Younger (“& ldquo; Bennie & rdquo;-RRB-

Mother & rsquo; s little girl and also Walter & rsquo; s sibling. Beneatha is an intellectual. Twenty years of ages, she goes to university as well as is much better informed than the remainder of the Younger family members. Several of her individual ideas as well as sights have actually distanced her from traditional Mom. She imagines being a physician as well as battles to establish her identification as a well-read Black female.

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Lena Younger (“& ldquo; Mother & rdquo;-RRB-

Walter as well as Beneatha & rsquo; s mommy. The matriarch of the household, Mother is spiritual, ethical, and also mother's. She wishes to utilize her hubby & rsquo; s insurance policy cash as a deposit on a home with a yard to accomplish her desire for her household to go up in theworld.

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Ruth Younger

Walter’& rsquo; s’partner as well as Travis & rsquo; s mom. Ruth deals with the Youngers & rsquo; studio apartment. Her marital relationship to Walter has issues, yet she wishes to revive their love. She has to do with thirty, yet her fatigue makes her appear older. Frequently dealing with destitution as well as residential problems, she remains to be a psychologically solid female. Her virtually downhearted materialism assists her to endure.

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Travis Younger

Walter as well as Ruth’& rsquo; s protected young kid. Travis gains some cash by bring grocery store bags and also suches as to play outdoors with various other community youngsters, however he has no bed room as well as rests on the living-room couch.

Joseph Asagai

A Nigerian pupil crazy with Beneatha. Asagai, as he is usually called, is really happy with his African heritage, as well as Beneatha wishes to discover her African heritage from him. He ultimately recommends marital relationship to Beneatha as well as wishes she will certainly go back to Nigeria with him.

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George Murchison

A rich, African-American male that dates Beneatha. The Youngers accept of George, yet Beneatha disapproval his readiness to send to white society and also neglect his African heritage. He tests the ideas and also sensations of various other Black individuals via his conceit as well as style for intellectual competitors.

Mr. Karl Lindner

The only white personality in the play. Mr. Lindner reaches the Youngers’ & rsquo; home from the Clybourne Park Renovation Organization. He provides the Youngers a bargain to reassess relocating right into his (all-white) area.


Among Walter’& rsquo; s companions in the alcohol shop strategy. Bobo seems as psychologically slow-moving as his name suggests.

Willy Harris

A buddy of Walter and also organizer of the alcohol shop strategy. Willy never ever shows up onstage, which aids maintain the emphasis of the tale on the characteristics of the Younger household.

Mrs. Johnson

The Youngers’ & rsquo; next-door neighbor. Mrs. Johnson capitalizes on the Youngers’ & rsquo; friendliness as well as alerts themabout relocating right into a predominately whiteneighborhood.