Message In A Container is an optional objective in Borderlands 2 , a component of the DLC Captain Scarlett as well as Her Pirate's Booty. It has 5 components that happen in various areas with 2 objective purposes to discover the prize and also to Open up the breast The mini-map places on exactly how to track each breast are displayed in this blog post.

Hayter's Recklessness


Getting to the map place as well as climbing up a step there is a container behind a waterfall.Go in between the rocks up until you see some mushrooms and also a tree to locate the bottle.Smash the container to combat a cavern Crystalisk and also than in the cavern, you must see X noting the breast position.Dig to open up the chest.at as well as locate degree 30 benefits are $2696, 789 XP, Rapier a cursed (has an adverse impact on the owner for their advantages)one-of-a-kind attack rifle produced by Vladof. it provides-- +200 melee damages incentive and also superb for usage with personalities as Zer0 with a Bloodshed develop.

Magnys Lighthouse


Most likely to Magnys Lighthouse and also take the lift approximately the tower top.From the home window overlook to the ground as well as look for the X mark.You'll have the ability to see it on a column of rock to the right with some turf on the top, leap down as well as the breast will certainly pop.At degree 45 incentives are $2696, 789 XP, Captain Blade's Twelve o'clock at night Celebrity a special cursed MIRV grenade made by Torgue.


As you reach to Rockview Relax Quit you'll see abandoned vehicle great deal and also require to encounter some pirates gunners.In the community of Sanctuary there is a structure with a garage door as well as a huge X mark repainted on the door.Pull the bar to unlock and also to locate the chest.At degree 43 benefits are $1348, 789 XP, Orphan Manufacturer a cursed one-of-a-kind shotgun of Jakob.The shotgun creates high damages, enabling crucial points to be targeted much more conveniently as well as can trigger numerous abilities like: Smaller sized, Lighter In Weight, Faster, Shock at the same time.

The Rustyards


Adhering to the map at Dreg Scrapyard When the mini-map arrowhead factors to the north and also on the map left-south, you can discover the prize. The breast is under a shed of an old hut where the ground is noted by a large black X near a box.At degree 43 benefits are $2696, 789 XP, Captain Blade's Otto Idolizer a cursed one-of-a-kind antique made by the Eridians.Equipped with the relic eliminating an adversary recovers wellness with a minimal 5.5 recovery price, ideal usage with combination with tools that have huge eruptive spread.


Photo 1: The container place (Wurmwater)


Photo 2: The breast place (Wurmwater)


To begin the objective you require to locate the container put on a hand tree on a high cliff (see image 1). Comply with the map up until locating a flow at Wurmwater Flats and also a pirate area called Hegeland Camp. Proceed till coming across a Sand Worms near old moors, eliminate the worms and also gather the loot.Look for an X join the ground in the south-western edge where the breast is to finish the goal. "You discovered the prize!" Kip down: Wurmwater Depository At degree 30 benefits are $1348, 789 XP, Captain Blade's Manly Male Guard a special cursed guard produced by Torgue.Adds incentive eruptive damages of 40 of the personality's base melee assaults, however additionally user takes enhanced damages from essential resources.

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