If the inkjet nozzles on your printer obstruction, and also cleansing/ deep cleansing doesn'' t solve the problem, you might require to reseat (eliminate then return) the print head.PRO-100 pictures are made use of in this post, however the very same actions use tothe PRO-10.

Eliminate the print head

To get rid of the print head, adhere to the actions below.Turn the printer ON, thenopen the paper outcome tray as well as thetop cover. The print head holdermoves to the substitute setting.


Don'' t attempt to hold or by force movethe print head owner. Wait till itcompletely quits.

For the PRO-10, launch and also press RETURN TO/ CANCEL after you openthe leading cover.This relocates the print head owner to the substitute placement.

When the print head owner quits, press the tab (A) on the front ofoneink storage tank. Raise thetank and also eliminate it from the printer. Eliminate allremaining storage tanks, individually.

Deal with the ink storage tanks carefullyso you wear'' t discolor your clothing or the bordering location.


After you removethe ink storage tanks, raise the print head lock bar.


Turn the print head onward and also raise it out of the owner.


Return the print head

Adhere to the above action in reverse order to seat the print head.

Put the print head as well as shut the lock bar.

Place an ink storage tank as well as press the tab pull back. Do this for every container.

Shut the leading cover as well as the paper result tray.

If your item problem was not solved after complying with the actions over, or if you need added assistance, please log or produce in to your Canon Account to see your technological lovebattery.net choices.