The safeguarding heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier encounters the guy from whom he took the belt back in 2018, Stipe Miocic. In the 2nd time of asking DC will certainly seek to protect the champion versus one the of the best heavyweight champs in UFC history.Knowing each other well, both within and also outside the cage, this was constantly mosting likely to be a fascinating battle. With Cormier being the previous Strikeforce Grand Prix Heavyweight champ. Prior to taking place to come to be both the light heavyweight and also heavyweight champ of the UFC.

Round One Starts

In a reasonably tentative beginning, Cormier lands some strong punches as well as kicks on Miocic. Noticeably establishing and also drinking the previous champ up a solitary leg, as DC obtains an excellent hold on Stipe's lead leg and also raises him over his head. Then pounding him to the flooring as well as right into the half-mount placement. Cormier remained to control, landing some difficult strikes as well as coming through the remainder of the round on the top

Round 2

Daniel is leaving his shots once more and also appears to be one action in advance of Stipe. Ordering the hands then landing some overhands as well as straight strikes. It's technique he made use of in the very first battle as well as it seems functioning once more as though DC does not regard Stipe's power, strolling him down and also virtually touchdown at will.The set remain in close and also trading impacts, yet Cormier is landing much more regularly. Stipe lands a few of his very own however does not appear to have a response for Cormier's abounding strategy. DC is landing the much more strong shots, however he's not having it all his very own method either.

Round 3

Stipe appears of his edge appearing like a boxer that understands he needs to do something various. Currently he begins to land much more continually however obtains an additional eye poke from DC, that's the 2nd time! Cormier maintains marching ahead as both seem dealing with in a phone cubicle. Not providing each other any kind of room, its shot for skyrocketed close as well as personal.Both guys are quite weary now as well as Stipe handles to safeguard a takedown. Yet Cormier promptly stands out back up as well as lands an additional mix on a exhausted and also used looking Miocic. They trade some even more shots, finishing the round with a last flurry.

Round 4 And Also Its done!

While Stipe Miocic begins the round with some pep in his action. Cormier currently looks rather weary and also is spending some time to return right into this battle. As well as it currently appears the previous champ has a brand-new technique as he starts to land tough left shots to DC's body. With the initial couple of looking hard as Cormier recoils in pain.Stipe maintains putting it on as well as is currently blending his strikes, body head as well as Cormier seems in difficulty. He's supporting as Stipe can be found in with some even more mixes, landing a wonderful right-hand man that sends out Daniel to the ground. Stipe adheres to up as well as quits Cormier that is not able to respond, as gents and also girls, we have a brand-new champ. T :