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"You're Gon na Suffer" is an unforgettable quote said by the personality Sans from the retro-stylish RPG computer game Undertale , as demand claimed to the gamers that had actually determined to take the Genocide Course (likewise called No Grace Path), a tale branch of the video game that can be attained by grinding and also eliminating every fightable beast.

The quote obtained preferred on the net throughout the Sans"s fight motif Megalovania, different follower arts as well as in a joke fashion, with motivating improperly made entertainments of it.


On March 13th, 2002, the episode of South Park "Asspen" broadcast in the USA. In the episode, a ski trainer duplicates the line "you"re gon na suffer" throughout his direction (revealed listed below).

Undertale is a RPG computer game launched in September 2015, where gamers have the ability to win their fights without eliminating their challengers. Nonetheless, if the gamer has actually eliminated every beast that can be dealt with prior to passing all the problems in the icy community of Snowdin, Sans will certainly alert the gamer to not battle the following manager; his bro Papyrus, and also drops his pleasant look while stating "You"re gon na suffer" to foreshadow tale occasions as well as repercussions brought on by remaining to eliminate beasts and also ending up being over-leveled to the factor of eliminating most personalities in a solitary hit.

The quote will certainly be duplicated after the "Court" scene near completion of the video game if the gamer is successful in eliminating every employer as well as arbitrary experience beast coming before the scene, where later on the gamer should deal with an employer fight versus sans.

In the genocide path; the gamer can eliminate almost every beasts easily in one hit, yet entirely avoids this in Sans" manager fight by exposing him as an exceptionally effective boxer able to evade every strike from the gamer, developing a high problem spike and also a full-blown fight of endurance in between the gamer and also sans in what followers call as the "Real Last Manager" of the Genocide End.


The quote has actually seen spread in the Undertale fandom from gamers that have total the genocide end of completion, utilizing it as a catch phrase for the video game"s "genocide course".


Sans" motif is Megalovania (Revealed lower left) a spruced up variation of a last employer motif that Undertale"s programmer Toby Fox initially made up for his previous video game; the Earthbound ROM hack" Halloween Hack" <1> (Revealed lower center). Toby Fox additionally made up a remix of the initial track (likewise called MeGaLoVania) for the soundtrack of Homestuck <2> (revealed lower right).