Dragon Age: Inquisition consisted of a new auto mechanic that had actually never ever seen prior to in the collection: the Battle Table. As the leader of a global company, there are great deals of issues as well as national politics to manage throughout Ferelden and also Orlais. Fortunately your devoted experts, Cullen, Leliana, and also Josephine exist to assist. RELATED: Dragon Age Inquisition Still Has A Few Of The Most Effective Ecological Style In Video Clip Gamings

Though the Battle Table procedures just inform tales via message, they can have a big effect on the globe of Thedas. In this overview, we describe all the effects of your choice throughout the procedure "Reality or Dare: Lake Celestine."

Acquiring the Procedure


The "Reality or Dare" When you initially [collection of battle table procedures are launched [solid> hire Vivienne right into your event. The very first one is called Fact or Dare: The Imperial Court.

This pursuit, Reality or Dare: Lake Celestine, is obtained as soon as the very first Reality or Dare procedure is finished, in addition to the tale objective "In Hushed Murmurs" or "Champions of the Simply" (relying on whether you hired the templars or mages).

The Trouble


In the previous Reality or Dare procedure, you found out about rumours in Orlais that declare Divine Justinia is still to life. They recommend that she has actually bought the Inquisition to trigger turmoil so regarding eliminate her challengers in the Chantry-- with the included incentive of subduing the mage disobedience as well as the templar uprising. In Reality or Dare: Lake Celestine, you can select to challenge a couple of Orlesian nobles concerning these rumours: the Comte de Mourier or the Marquise Courtemance.

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Your Selections And Also The Outcomes

The "Fact or Dare" pursuits branch off right here in 2 instructions, relying on which consultant you agree: Leliana or Josephine (Cullen doesn"t join this goal).


Time To Total: 48 mins Incentives: 30 Impact, Vivienne Accepts Following Objective: Reality or Dare: Be and also see Seen

Josephine recommends that, because the Comte de Mourier is a far-off relationship of the empress, that"s the lead you must seek.

Taking her guidance triggers the Comte to see the Inquisition himself as well as opens the "Be and also see Seen" procedure, in which he utilizes his impact (with a little bit of assistance from Josephine) to stop the rumours.

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Time To Full: 1 hr Incentives: 30 Impact, Vivienne Accepts Following Objective: Reality or Dare: A Hazardous Video game

Leliana keeps in mind that a few of her representatives are currently near to Courtemance, so they can penetrate his residence to try to find anything questionable.

If you sustain her strategy, Leliana"s representatives uncover and also examine that he"s been meeting various other Orlais nobles and also providing kickbacks to proceed these rumours -- in the kind of breasts of the late Divine Justinia or various other ornamental things, packed to the leading with red lyrium. Leliana"s representatives can schedule among the allurements to be "unintentionally" barged in public throughout the following procedure, "An Unsafe Video game," to ensure that the actual resource of these rumours is seen.