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WHEN UPON A CREEPING PLANT - EGGS BACON SAUSAGE GRITS (SAUSAGE TRACK ... When Upon a Creeping Plant - Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Tune) lovebattery.net. Everyone state sausage maintain it going Eggs bacon Grits Sausage Inform the bicth come and also lick my Sausage At ihop buying Sausage Consume the Pancak
As soon as Upon a Creeping Plant - Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Track ... The lovebattery.net for Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Track) by When Upon a Creeping plant have actually been equated right into 2 languages Everyone claim sausage maintain it going Eggs bacon Grits Sausage Inform the bicth come as well as lick my Sausage At ihop buying Sausage Consume the Pancake with a motherfuckin Sausage Provide me that spunk ...
Sausage! lovebattery.net - Eggs, Bacon and also GritsEverybody claim sausage to maintain that crap goin"! Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE! Inform that bitch I wan na fuck her SAUSAGE! She desire my grits as well as my eggs as well as my SAUSAGE! Place some fuckin" syrup on my goddamn SAUSAGE! Provide me that bitch, I understand you wan na lick my SAUSAGE! Stroll in the resort area, you see my SAUSAGE! Sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau SAUSAGE!
Hobo Johnson - You & The Roach lovebattery.netTo maintain each various other in line, however think what It in fact doesn"t occur like that Presume what it produces, it produces a lot much more ... problem Oh my God! And also out of all this problem emerges this head of state as well as a head of state is orange, he"s obtained orange hair It"s split sideways, it looks actually foolish He"s chubby, as well as he"s obtained little sausage fingers
Sound Press - Back lovebattery.netEgg whites, hen, sausage, salute, I require it entire wheat I"m the kind to pass and also bring my profits to my entire road You the kind to see if the water is deep with both feet Swayin" in the Benz vroom-vroom like I wear"t require no brakes I maintain the lawn cut reduced so I can see the serpents Just desire my infant Bad as well as Boujee like the Migos state
MC Hammer - It"s All Excellent lovebattery.netSince I"m going fanatic,? make your rump shake. "Create I"ll rape Vanilla taste, Allow"s be directly. (heh, sellout) ... Like I made use of to state, Homeboy, you much better pray, Simply to make today. I understand what it is.? Maintain sayin", We wear"t locate job, then, I put on"t wan na? So you figured I"m a sellout. When we assemble on the road, Then we"ll see that release.
Odd Future - Orange Juice lovebattery.netlovebattery.net to "Orange Juice" by Odd Future: Alright, , Wolf Haley, Odd Future, Wolf Gang nigga You understand what, you recognize fuck it I wear"t also wan na go I"m gon na allow my little sibling Earl Sweatshirt jump on you niggas Hey Earl, struck em
Meat Loaf - Copulating Is Simply The Beginning (A Tune In ... Meat Loaf "Copulating Is Simply The Beginning (A Track In 6 Motions)": Occasionally it"s the method as well as the evening it appears to sob And also murmur frightening keys in your ear Some ...
J.I.D - XXL Freshers 2018 Cypher - Component 1 lovebattery.netlovebattery.net to "XXL Freshmen 2018 Cypher - Component 1" by J.I.D. Yeah-ah Image a nigga steppin" right into the video game that"s currently lit, simply include a little coal to fire it Ineffective niggas, I obtained ta placed it in nonprofessional"s terms? I"m finna murder you niggas, you much better got the word out
Tom Waits - Huge Joe As well as Phantom 309 lovebattery.net"Large Joe And Also Phantom 309" See, I simply took place to be back on the East shore a couple of years back I was attempting to make me a dollar like everyone else I"ll be damned if times didn"t obtain hard, as well as Christ I came down on my good luck ... I desire you to maintain that cent as a memento of Huge Joe Of Big Joe as well as Phantom
Approach Guy - SI Vs. Everyone lovebattery.netNow, maintain hatin" THOT, consume a sausage Minnesota or Cleveland, I"ma obtain love no matter And also put on"t no one obtain it baffled It"s Staten Island vs. everyone this moment, fool Yo, we the kings of New york city where money regulations In this video game called life, you can"t put on as well as shed"t no one obtain it baffled It"s Staten Island vs. everyone this time around, fool
Biz Markie - Biz Is Goin" Off lovebattery.net"Biz Is Goin" Off" "I !!! - am the spectacular ..." ... "Go off, go off!" Hey to everyone and also, individuals that state partyin It"s time to listen to a fashionable rhyme from me the Biz Markie once more As I simply show "em, the method I such as state "em ... A bro ain"t a bro unless he is ...
Ice Berg - Hustlin For A Very long time lovebattery.netlovebattery.net to "Hustlin For A Long Period Of Time" by Ice Berg. (Blade) Different me from these roads lord They tryna hold me down I do this for my individuals They tryna damage me down ... He state he was undergoing heck off in these roads foreal ... I instead be evaluated by 12 than brought by 6 so imma maintain that device with me As well as he claim he do not never ever consider ...
Lethal Bizzle & Fire Camp - Dench Endurance lovebattery.netdench endurance. Yeah finest think it"s dench withdraw finest think it"s wench I take out my sausage think it"s strained go hard put on allow the pounding start yeah D.E.N.C.H bad guy currently maintain the bullshit to a very little tryna maintain the cash up like yeah I"m on a pornstar ting rear of the movie theater doggystyling head in the r8 when I"m driving can"t do a ...
The Moment - Cloreen Bacon Skin lovebattery.netKeep that pocket, put on"t obtain delighted, begun Yeah, begun, stated sprinkle. Excellent God. Everyone state Cloreen Bacon Skin. Everyone claim ... you can"t fuck keeping that. Eruption in your face. I"m as well attractive, I"m as well attractive, attractive one in the area, excellent God. I"m hot, lovesexy right to my feet, great Lord.
When Upon a Creeping Plant - Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Tune ... Everyone state sausage maintain it going Eggs bacon Grits Sausage Inform the bicth come as well as lick ... French translation of lovebattery.net for Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Tune) by When Upon a Creeping plant. Everyone claim sausage maintain it going Eggs bacon Grits Sausage Inform the bicth come as well as lick ... Kind track lovebattery.net, musician or title.
for KING & NATION - Repair My Eyes lovebattery.netFix my eyes on You On You I found out the lines as well as chatted the talk (Everyone understands it, everyone understands it) Yet the roadway much less taken a trip is difficult to stroll (Everyone recognizes it, everyone understands) It takes a soldier That understands his orders To stroll the stroll I"m expected to stroll, and also Love like I"m not terrified Provide when it"s unfair Real-time life for one more
Odd Future Wolf Gang Eliminate Them All (OFWGKTA) - Hcapd ... In the center of the winter months, y"all like fuck them children, like an odd sitter could state No diggity, I"m still tryin" to discover it yet I shed it someplace in Austin In a creek with Dawson as well as this vegan bitch tryin" to consume my sausage That appears remarkable Fuck these events, I"m genuine unpleasant I stand there, I put on"t understand what to do male
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H lovebattery.netThese days, at this moment in my life, I kinda truly wan na utilize songs to aid individuals make it through their days as opposed to simply remaining in the dumps, simply maintain going. Bring light to the circumstance, perhaps, you recognize, search for your very own individual message because occurrence, that attempt as well as experience to move on
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Monster Setting lovebattery.netI obtained ta maintain a handgun in my Bentley sports car, yeah Don"t obtain also comfy, yeah My Patek as well swamped up, yeah Obtained a Rollie yet I fucked it up, yeah We wear"t learn about a 1 on 1 We put on"t fuck with them if they wear"t fuck with us, yeah Monster setting (yeah) Go monster setting
BENJY DAVIS JOB - OBTAIN HIGH lovebattery.netEverybody recognize we"re going no place Each day"s a weekend break, everyone rest in ... Reason we ain"t quickly to die We simply maintain our requirements reduced And also obtain high High It"s type of amusing just how we constantly appear to prepare sausage Everytime we"re at a sausage celebration We require to call a pair females, go swimming ... And also obtain high, high High There"s individuals that claim ...
Ludacris - Stimulate Of The Minute lovebattery.netlovebattery.net to "Stimulate Of The Minute" by Ludacris. Got ta maintain it a key, ay guy, allow me ask you somethin" male You ever before have among them days where you seemed like You mighta removed all the poor seeds in your life? Y"knahmean like you simply obtained your income
Advanced - Feeling Good lovebattery.netAnd that crap make you really feel excellent Which spunk make you really feel excellent Which spunk make you really feel excellent Yet if it put on"t, I obtained a few other crap that still can Back with the best sauce, resembling a fucking employer Earning money, your own is losing weight, we call that Ricky Ross lovebattery.net embeded everyone mouth, they require floss
Ghostface Killah - Ghost Is Back lovebattery.net"Ghost is back ..." - Yo, I prepared the beef, experienced up the meat Fried "em, attempted "em, took it out the oil Ghost pertained to take the program, considering that you caring your wide I"ma lay back and also disclose your hoe She a mind specialist, chick you can"t kiss Opened her legs, like "ooh, I scent fish"
Technology N9ne - Cushion Talkin" lovebattery.netAnd the scare, amounted to among us gettin the chair do you testify maintain it (YES) Significance that under warm you wouldn"t nare leakage it SO when your lady"s in you"re visibility put on"t you attempt talk it Cushion talkin obtain you captured up a raised on fees Skyrocketed a whole lot and also left, it"s nothin except slowed down Reason when you claim things
Crypt - Youtube Cypher, Vol. 2 lovebattery.netThey tryin" to maintain me from gettin" also warm I obtained seasoning so I"m gettin" my bleu cheese I can not be gauged so I am rowdy You can"t make it through me I"m an IUD to every one of these pussies You recognize I"m gon na win it Ultimately I require my rupees Huh, they never ever comprehend exactly how I do it Claimed I couldn"t state an S so I drew the line with it Like hi dumb
Technique Male - Si Vs. Everyone lovebattery.netEverybody lovebattery.net. Si Vs. Everyone lovebattery.net executed by Technique Guy: Lyrical terrorism Yo, yo, yo Me and also my niggas, we comtemplate as well as ... maintain hatin" THOT, consume a sausage Minnesota or ... Michael Jordan wearin" a forty 5 One in his head, if he ain"t dead, he borderline Dope, every rhyme that I state, go "head as well as grunt a line Sublime, if you ...
Lil" B - Serpents and also wolves lovebattery.netCause everyone in the world belongs I claimed, look for the wolves as well as look for the serpents ... The BasedGod maintain it basic out in Berkeley Consuming salad on a bright day May stroll down Chaddick then struck University ... The planet obtained the last word, individuals is we I"m a primary Quit battle, and also I vow, allow individuals talk
Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat Movie Passage Component I lovebattery.net ... Frank Zappa "Uncle Meat Movie Passage Component I": We"re firing the uh, title series for Uncle Meat now, which is the name of the Mommies of ...
B-FUTURISTIC TASK. RKAY - FEELING THIS popularity lovebattery.netB-Futuristic accomplishment. Rkay - Feeling This Popularity lovebattery.net. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, conceal yo children, conceal yo spouse We raping everyone out right here, you understand what I"m claiming? Shmang, shmang, pow, pow, ah, yo, yo. lovebattery.net. Pop music lovebattery.net. Signboard Hot 100. Upcoming lovebattery.net. ... I do whatever that I state And also I wear"t most likely to the club, "much less a nigga "spell to make money
Masicka - Press lovebattery.netFamily maintain ask 9 bine buss him head like an economical Clarks Cold and also cyaan defrost, slice him up like meat components Weh me state me have it See the likkle life weh you enjoy much better provide God it (grung!) Have it fi the pussy dem me have it Fling, fling up one inna dem head it simply a behavior When me claim me have it fi the pussy dem me have it
Risk Computer Mouse & Risk Ruin - Bada Bing lovebattery.netGet that ricotta, bada bing, bada boom ruin, your credibility precedes you Howl "til you see and also break what "weed" do, you dweeb you No word play here planned, takes one to understand one, well no - it"s odorless Yo child, berserk when them sent it from the various other time Prior to everyone as well as they mom rhyme What a criminal offense - beats coincides method
Technology N9ne - Ugly Duckling lovebattery.netBut everyone didn"t intend to offer a nigga time of the day Or will I ever before get to one more when I"m in the tomb I reached be various to stay on par with the pay Claim, state, state What you question Nina? The one that is desiring me Showing up missing out on That a person is a daydreamer Calling me hideous I laugh Due to the fact that I"m harsh as rapid and also rugby Sector"s plump as well as fat
Gilbert O"Sullivan - You Can"t Con-Crete lovebattery.netMake him really feel that to maintain it was incorrect You can trick every fan at your feet Yet you can"t con-crete You can trick your partner right into believing tonight Is the evening you"re the male of her desires You can cheat vegetarians to consume meat Yet you can"t con-crete However you can"t con-crete No question some will certainly claim you can Currently they have a strategy Asserting ...
Royal Prince - Cloreen Bacon Skin lovebattery.netKeep that pocket, put on"t obtain thrilled, begun Yeah, begun, stated sprinkle Great God Everyone claim Cloreen Bacon Skin Everyone claim U can"t fuck keeping that Eruption in your face I"m 2 hot, I"m 2 hot, attractive one in the area, great God I"m hot, lovesexy right down 2 my feet, great Lord As well as I"m hot, great God, with the bacon meat

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