In an initially, the musicians are separated right into 2 makeup results store. Initial task: style a monster pack.

Hive Mind

Period 12, Episode 2 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

Influenced by hive-minded bugs, the musicians have to develop employee, queen and also drone aliens.

Fantasize Home

Period 12, Episode 3 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

A spin with the groups, a task to produce fairytale personalities. Elizabeth Mitchell visitor courts.

Dante'' s Devils

Period 12, Episode 4 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

The musicians need to develop a devil that would certainly manage a particular circle of Dante's variation of Heck.

String Concept

Period 12, Episode 5 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

The musicians should bring the 4 periods to life for a dancing to be choreographed by Travis Wall surface.

Had Assets

Period 12, Episode 6 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

The musicians should develop seek the proprietors of had items. Cheyenne Jackson visitor courts.

Feral Fungi

Period 12, Episode 7 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

The 6 continuing to be musicians produce targets of a fungal infection that transforms individuals right into zombies.

Entertaining Aliens

Period 12, Episode 8 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

The epic Rick Baker visitor courts the musicians' unusual developments, motivated by genuine recordings from area.

Trip right into Worry, Pt. 1

Period 12, Episode 9 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

The last 3 need to produce animals for a haunted residence conceived by collection court Glenn Hetrick.

Trip right into Worry, Pt. 2

Period 12, Episode 10 TV-PGCCHDCCSD

Spins are plentiful for the last 3's haunted residence obstacle. That will be called victor of Take on Period 12?


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