Jet Black Dye is trusted for being costly and also unusual. Below is just how you can obtain it in Last Dream XIV.

Last Dream 14 Jet Black Dye Collection
In Last Dream 14 , various dyes are instead essential when it pertains to tailor-making your personality. Whether it is for your Style Record or for your beauty plate, getting the color you desire can be challenging or very easy, depending upon which color you want.

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Neutral dyes are instead simple to acquire. They can be purchased for Gil from NPCs, gotten from certain suppliers, crafted, and even purchased from the in-game industry. Unique dyes, nevertheless, are a little more difficult to obtain your hands on.

Upgraded November 29, 2021 by Ryan Bamsey: Black never ever actually heads out of style, which'' s real in both Eorzea as well as the real life. We'' ve included some even more info concerning where to discover pots of this classy color.

Last Dream 14 acquiring jet black color
Not to be puzzled with Residue Black Dye, which can be gotten from the Ixali supplier or by crafting it, Jet Black Dye is much rarer as well as a lot more pricey.

The color is forbidden from the marketplace and also is untradeable. Although, there are 3 methods which you can obtain it.

Online Shop

Retainer Ventures

When you have a retainer , you might designate them jobs. They will certainly be sent on goals for you and also will certainly commonly return with products after a certain quantity of time.

For your retainer to (ideally) bring you back some Jet Black Dye from among their objectives, they need to initially be level 10. As soon as at degree 10, they can take place Quick Expedition , which are goals that last one hr. After these certain objectives, your retainer will certainly return with a solitary product.

Nonetheless, these products can differ from anything in between equipment and also furnishings to fish as well as dyes. It is feasible for your retainer to bring you back a Endeavor Funds , which is a thing that you need to open on your own. This has an opportunity of having General-Purpose Jet Black Dye, which corresponds the Jet Black Dye offered on the Mogstation.

Lockboxes as well as sacks

You might additionally discover General-Purpose Jet Black Color inside sacks as well as lockboxes acquired in the Royal residence of the Dead, Heaven-on-High, on the Bozjan southerly front, or the levels of Zadnor Like the Endeavor Coffers, these products have a arbitrary possibility of including the color.

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Trading a Gold Chocobo Plume with a Catastrophe Salvager.

To obtain a Gold Chocobo Plume, somebody on your buddies’ & rsquo; listing needs to go back to the video game making use of a welcome that you have actually sent out to them throughout a Callback Project To do this, right-click their name in your close friends’ & rsquo; checklist and also select & lsquo; Welcome Good friend to Return’ & rsquo; in the food selection. Conversely, you likewise make them from the Employee a Close friend project.

There are then 3 Tragedy Salvagers in which you can trade a Gold Chocobo Plume in exchange for 5 pots of Jet Black Dye. They are located in the 3 complying with locations: Old Gridania (X: 10.0 Y: 8.4), Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 11.3 Y: 14.3), and also Ul'' dah - Actions of Thal (X: 12.6 Y: 13.1).

Last Dream 14 Jet Black Dye as well as Residue Black Dye contrast
Eventually, Jet Black Dye in Last Dream 14 is a uncommon as well as tough product to obtain. A great option that you can select is Residue Black Dye , if your efforts to obtain your hands on Jet Black Dye come to be difficult costly too as wellToughTough Above is a contrast in between Residue Black Dye as well as Jet Black Dye, so you can see the very little distinction.

You can obtain Residue Black Dye from the following:

Buy from the Ixali Supplier in the North Shadow at (X:24.9, Y:22.7) Compensate from Degree 20 Key Circumstance Mission "The Firm You maintain (Never-ceasing Fires)" Compensate from Degree 21 Sidequest "A Porcine Circumstances" Compensate from Degree 70 Sidequest "Marks of the King" Feasible benefit from the Degree 60 Dungeon "The Fractal Continuum" Craft it using Woodworker, Blacksmith, Armorer, Jeweler, Leatherwork, Weaver, Sorcerer, or Culinarian dish Buy from the marketplace Board

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