Last Dream XV The Witch of the Woods Pet dog Tag place

Last Dream XV The Witch of the Woods is the last side-quest including Dave, the seeker from the current Last Dream computer game created by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One.

As you can anticipate, The Witch of the Woods is harder to finish, considering that it is the last project you obtain to finish Dave's quest-line.

To start this side-quest, you need to finish Hills of Misery At the end of the stated pursuit, Dave will certainly vanish from Meldacio Seeker HQ, however if you open your map you will certainly observe that a brand-new enigma shows up at Verinas Mart-- Ravatogh, in south-western Cleigne.

Presuming your event is planned for dealing with a brand-new manager, traveling to Verinas Mart-- Ravatogh as well as speak with the informant. You must discover him before a shop.

The informant will certainly hand you a note on which you can check out "Head Seeker Gone Rogue?"

Furthermore, he will certainly note your initial goal on the map.

Prior to leaving the restaurant, ensure you consume a Smoked Dualhorn Shank to enhance your celebration's statistics. Attempt something more affordable if you can not manage it.

Goal: Head to Malmalam Thicket

Currently, open your map as well as drive southern, in the direction of the mission pen. Mobilize a Chocobo as well as adhere to the dust course in the timbers when you get to the car parking place.

As you rise on capital you will certainly quickly locate Dave. When you talk with him, he will certainly inform you that he is looking for a missing out on seeker, however he can not get in the timbers due to some policies.

Noctis accepts aid him discover the missing out on seeker, as well as Dave recommends that the search ought to begin with a witch living close by.

Goal: See the Hut for Info

The hut is a number of actions far from your present placement. Merely experience the hill hand down the left side of the dust course, as well as you need to see it.

Speak with the witch before the hut and also she will certainly send you to the dungeon. Inspect our Malmalam Thicket walkthrough for extra info on just how to defeat the beasts inside.

Goal: Try To Find the Pet Dog Tag

After you beat the last employer in this dungeon, head in the direction of the burial place in the huge opening, however prior to going into, examine the rocks on the left side while dealing with the burial place.

On the ground, you will certainly locate the Sullied Pet dog Tag x 1, imagined over.

Get hold of the missing out on Pet Tag, to obtain the following goal.

Goal: Speak To Kimya

Departure the dungeon as well as return to Kimya the witch. Program her the Pet dog Tag you located, and also she will certainly send you to see Dave and also supply the accompany with a message:

"Just one real course, there is not. Comply with not others, yet your very own heart you must."

The discussion likewise discloses the witch's sis was Dave's mom, which she made use of to make remedies for seekers. Being taken into consideration a witch, Dave's mom was sent out to the timbers, which came to be a limited location.

Purpose: Supply the Canine Tag to Dave

Drive back to Dave at Meldacio Seeker HQ in north Cleigne, as well as supply the message as well as the Canine Tag.

Dave will certainly be fairly delighted to listen to the message you provided, as well as he will handsomely honor you.

This is the last side-quest readily available from Dave in Last Dream XV When you finish it, you can concentrate on various other NPCs, such as Cid, Cindy or Sania.

The Witch of the Woods Pursuit Information

Summary: "An informant informs Noctis that Dave has actually gone missing out on. He was last seen heading right into the Malmalam Thicket searching for an additional seeker's pet tag. Anxious regarding their ally, Noctis and also his good friends endeavor right into the timbers."