3. An Uncommon Situation Area: Coldharbour Purpose: The Moonless Stroll-- Rescue the Fighters Guild from the Moonless Walk.Quest Provider: Tzik & rsquo; nith Area(s): The Moonless Stroll Requirement Mission: Into the Woods Award: Bow of Penumbra+352 Gold-- Quick Walkthrough-- Talk With Tzik & rsquo; nith.(Optional)Speak With Faraniel.Recover the lamia eggs.Talk– to Tzik & rsquo;

nith.Collect’the essential shards.Talk to Queen Fah & rsquo; jik at the main camp.Talk to Tzik & rsquo; nith at the Spoiled Passage.Take the Light of Meridia.Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar.-- Comprehensive Walkthrough-- Tzik & rsquo; nith notifies you that the Darkness Walkers are holding the Lamia eggs as captive in their camp and also asks you to obtain them back.’For the optional goal, talk with Faraniel prior to you leave and also she will certainly request you not eliminate any one of her brethren. When asked just how, she keeps in mind that the camps are inadequately safeguarded as well as creeping in ought to be easy.Go to the camp and also recover the eggs. Tzik & rsquo; nith will certainly fulfill you simply outside the camp. She informs you that the Queen & rsquo; s eggs are being gone on the drifting rock over the camp where the Darkness Walkers & rsquo; senior citizens live. So as to get there, a secret is required; both fragments of the secret are safeguarded by guardians close by. Asking Tzik & rsquo; nith for guidance on exactly how to surpass the guardans without physical violence will certainly make a derisive statement; if you have the Persuasion perk, she will certainly keep in mind that touching a bit of light would possibly permit you to surpass them undected.Touch the close-by bit of light to transform the guardians passive or merely eliminate them, comply with the mission pen to Queen Fah & rsquo; jik, and also follow her with the website. You will certainly locate the Queen as well as her Lamia standing over the corspes of the seniors. Fah & rsquo; jik is unapologetic, asserting that the senior citizens would certainly not pay attention to factor and also without their management, the staying Darkness Walkers will certainly crumble.Return to Tzik & rsquo; nith, slide with the flow, and also talk with the forecast of King Laloriaran Dynar to finish the quest.NotesIn old Greek folklore Lamia was a female or women beast that caught human children. Right here the lamia infants are the victims.To finish the optional goal and also stay clear of eliminating any type of Timber Elves: Creep right into the camps where the lamia eggs are held.Touch a Bit of Light prior to pursuing the

vital fragments; this will certainly make the Guardians passive in the direction of you.