Borderlands 3 (BL3) has 57 Red Upper Body Places. Red Upper bodies consist of a few of the very best equipment in the video game, commonly impressive or fabulous rarity. They are not required for any type of accomplishments or prizes as well as are totally optional. They can be helpful throughout the tale to obtain some excellent tools, however likewise as soon as you have actually gotten to degree 50 to obtain some excellent endgame equipment without much inconvenience.

2 of the Red Chests are missable (1 in The Droughts, 1 in Athenas) as they're pursuit benefits for finishing optional goals. Nevertheless, you can still obtain them when signing up with a pal's video game that did the optional purposes. The Red Chests likewise count as antiques for 100% conclusion.

You can keep an eye on the number of you located by pushing L3/ Left Stick in the map sight. Zoom bent on the earth or Orbit sight to see the amount of you obtained per world/ in total amount. Once more, these are completely optional however if you wish to finish the video game 100% it's great to recognize the areas as they can be difficult to discover. Apart from the remainder of antiques, the red upper bodies are the only things not noted on the map.

It's additionally great to understand that you can open up these repetitively! Simply quick traveling to one more map and also return, then the exact same breast can be opened up once again. By doing this they can be farmed. At first, the product degree is scaled to the area, however after the tale you can turn on Chaos Setting to make range the upper bodies to your degree. It is just one of the quickest means to ranch endgame equipment.

The overview listed below programs all red upper bodies by earths.

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Pandora has 18 Red Breast Places.

The Dry spells (3 Red Upper Bodies)

The Droughts Red Upper Body # 1: On the roof of Ellie's garage. When originating from the Droughts rapid traveling factor, you can climb the roofing system on the left side.

The Droughts Red Upper Body # 2: In addition to a high adversary structure, fire the 2 red targets. This powers on a catch door at the end of the amazed yellow cable. Fail the catch door to locate the red upper body near the bottom.

The Droughts Red Upper Body # 3: THIS IS MISSABLE! You need to finish the optional purposes throughout Side Goal: Powerful Links. If you do so, at the end of the goal a flooring board will certainly open behind the red "Weapons" maker. Fall as well as you'll locate the red breast in a storage. If you missed it, you can obtain it in New Video Game+ (Real Safe Seeker setting) or sign up with somebody else's video game in co-op, e.g. have a close friend begin a brand-new tale and also welcome you to the pursuit.

Rising Bluff (1 Red Breast)

Rising Bluff Red Upper Body # 1: You locate this immediately throughout Side Goal: Pandora's Following Leading Mouth piece (throughout your second check out to Earth Pandora near completion of the tale). It's not readily available throughout your initial browse through generally tale. After you beat the brand-new Mouth Item throughout that Side Goal, you'll obtain a purpose to locate this secret stock in a brand-new area that obtains opened.

Evil one's Razor (2 Red Breasts)

Evil one's Razor Red Breast # 1: Initial go up the scaffold to the purple-marked distinct automobile in Adversary's Razor. See the place screenshots listed below for the precise factor where to begin climbing up (see the yellow steps of the scaffold in screenshot 3). Embark on the side of the structure onto the large pipelines (screenshot 4) and also from the 2nd large pipeline you can see the red breast (screenshot 5).

Evil one's Razor Red Upper body # 2: At the extremely leading of the structure received the area listed below. Rise as well as boxes inside to get to the red breast at the extremely leading.

The Splinterlands (2 Red Upper Bodies)

The Splinterlands Red Upper Body # 1: On the roof covering over the Catch-a-Ride automobile terminal. You can climb up on the side.

The Splinterlands Red Breast # 2: For this you have to ride the rollercoaster and also fire all red targets throughout a solitary trip. Later, an electrical door will certainly open in the rollercoaster cubicle (where you enter the rollercoaster automobiles). You'll see the open door & red breast directly in front of you after obtaining out if you fired all red targets throughout the flight. It can take a couple of shots-- make certain to make use of an exact fast-shooting lengthy array tool. Rifles function well. To begin the rollercoaster you should enter the cart by pushing the reload switch as well as fire the little red target on the ideal side (screenshot 3). , if you do not fire all targets throughout a solitary flight you can retry as typically as you desire..

Carnivora (2 Red Breasts)

Carnivora Red Breast # 1: In addition to some trailers. You require to eliminate your means to the top of the location as well as cross a bridge. Then stay with the wall surface beside the location to reach the breast (see screenshot 3 for the course).

Carnivora Red Upper Body # 2: In a garage, just crouch under the garage door.


Digestive Tracts of Carnivora (2 Red Upper Bodies)

Digestive Tracts of Carnivora Red Upper Body # 1: In a lengthy space with revolving devices, head upstairs to the leading flooring. There is a lengthy bridge with weapons contending the flooring, yet prior to it is an air vent you can get on (screenshot 3). The air will certainly make you fly approximately the red breast.

Intestines of Carnivora Red Breast # 2: This is discovered right before entering the lift where you select your signature tune for the one in charge battle versus The Agonizer. Do NOT push the 3 environment-friendly switches in the lift yet. Prior to also entering that lift, dive over the chams straight to the left of the lift entryway (screenshot 3). Beyond you locate the red breast (screenshot 4). This gets on a high flooring after hammering out a space with numerous opponents.

Konrad's Hold (1 Red Breast)

Konrad's Hold Red Upper body # 1: This is just discovered throughout/ after Side Objective: Youth's End (see connected objective walkthrough if you obtain stuck). After the side goal, you can return to the goal unqiue location and also fire 2 red targets (the very same you fired throughout that side objective) to activate the power (yellow cable televisions illuminate with power). Then a secret door at the end of the yellow wires on the very beginning opens, behind that secret door is a red upper body.

Sandblast Mark (1 Red Upper Body)

Sandblast Mark Red Breast # 1: Located in an opponent camp/ town location near the leave to Evil one's Razor. The red upper bodies merely beings in a side structure, most likely to the specific place of the listed below waypoint pen to discover it because structure.

Sanctuary of the Double Gods (2 Red Breasts)

Sanctuary of the Double Gods Red Upper Body # 1: Most likely to the significant area (screenshot 1-2) as well as locate a door with wood barriers on the side of the course (screenshot 3). Melee that barrier as well as adhere to the course behind it to run directly right into the red breast (screenshot 4).

Sanctuary of the Double Gods Red Breast # 2: Most likely to where the Crushjaw Target of Possibility Obstacle occurs (screenshot 1-2). Beat the target. Where he generated you can fall a purple hold (screenshot 3). Down there in the storage you discover the red upper body (screenshot 4). Keep in mind: this gets on the exact same degree as the departure to "The Wonderful Safe" location.

Destroyer's Break

Destroyer's Break Red Upper body # 1: Inside the safe after the last employer battle. There are 2 red upper bodies alongside each various other in this last safe.

Destroyer's Break Red Breast # 2: Like above, in last safe after endboss.


Promethea has 15 Red Breast Places.

Meridian Borders (1 Red Upper Bodies)

Meridian Borders Red Breast # 1: Most likely to the significant area (screenshot 1-2). There's a lift on the ground degree, press the eco-friendly switch in the lift to obtain upstairs (screenshot 3). When leaving the lift you get on the top deck. Stay with the left side of the deck and also you'll visit a purple-lit space you can delve into, which has the red upper body (screenshot 4).

Meridian Metroplex (3 Red Breasts)

Meridian Metroplex Red Breast # 1: You will certainly encounter this throughout major goal Aggressive Requisition prior to falling right into the tools depot. In simple view.

Meridian Metroplex Red Breast # 2: Most likely to the place revealed listed below (screenshot 1-2). Climb up the course displayed in screenshot 3 and also at the end of it you'll discover the red upper body (screenshot 4).

Meridian Metroplex Red Breast # 3: After beating Gigamind, a door opens on the left side, disclosing the upper body.

Lectra City (3 Red Upper Bodies)

* To accessibility Lectra City you require Side Objective: Eliminate Killavolt (you can still return afterwards side objective).

Lectra City Red Upper Body # 1: In addition to the crane in the harbor location, see screenshot 3 for the climbing up course up there.

Lectra City Red Breast # 2: Most likely to the significant area and also the upper body will certainly be being in simple view, second best required below.

Lectra City Red Breast # 3: AFTER beating Killavolt, backtrack to the space prior to the one in charge battle. A door will certainly currently be opened that brings about the red breast.

Skywell-27 (2 Red Upper Bodies)

Skywell-27 Red Breast # 1: In the "Katagawa Enjoyment Pit" (where the fruit machine gets on the map). It's a rather surprise side location you can fall to (screenshot 3 reveals dropdown factor).

Skywell-27 Red Upper Body # 2: Rests appropriate next to the "Laser Control Space" Rapid Traveling Factor after beating Katagawa Sphere (Employer Battle).

Atlas HQ (3 Red Upper Bodies)

Atlas HQ Red Upper Body # 1: After beating Katagawa Jr. employer, in the following space afterwards where you likewise locate the "Atlas HQ Roof" rapid traveling factor (right away after manager battle). If you missed it on very first check out and also return later on, you have to take the lift up in the entrance hall to get to the chief executive officer workplace and afterwards fall to the Katagawa employer location, beat in charge and after that you can get both red breasts.

Atlas HQ Red Upper Body # 2: Specific very same location as previous breast, resting behind the lift in the following area.

Atlas HQ Red Upper Body # 3: At the actual end of Side Objective: Ratch 'd Up. Throughout that side objective you open the laboratory location-- in the last space (base flooring of laboratory) you locate the red breast.

Neon Arterial (1 Red Upper Body)

Neon Arterial Red Upper Body # 1: In a location with some stores, behind the cooking area grills (to the left of the major course).

The Forgotten Basilica (2 Red Upper Bodies)

The Forgotten Basilica Red Breast # 1: Inside the safe after beating Rampager employer (2 red upper bodies in there).

The Forgotten Basilica Red Breast # 2: Like above upper body (safe after Rampager manager).


World Athenas has 2 Red Breast Places.

Athenas Red Upper Body # 1: THIS IS MISSABLE! Throughout Side Goal: Holy State Of Minds you should finish the optional purposes. Then a door (see place in screenshot 1-2) opens to the red breast. You can sign up with a close friend's video game that did them to obtain the breast if you fell short to do the optional purposes.

Athenas Red Breast # 2: In the location behind Captain Traunt manager battle.


World Eden-6 has 15 Red Breast Places.

Floodmoor Container (3 Red Breasts)

Floodmoor Container Red Breast # 1: In camp Dependence-- you go there throughout Key Objective: Weapons of Dependence.

Floodmoor Container Red Upper Body # 2: Located in Ft Sunlight-- you go there instantly throughout Key Objective: Weapons of Dependence. Throughout that objective you'll reach get on some relocating containers at a sawmill and also ride them to the ft, from there you can fall to the ft listed below. If you intend to return later on, you can get on the relocating containers (screenshot 1-2 for area, see screenshot 3 for container). Fall over the ft at the end of the line and also penalty the red upper body there (screenshot 4-5).

Floodmoor Container Red Upper Body # 3: Where you battle the Chonk Stamp Legendary Search occurs.

The Anvil (3 Red Breasts)

The Anvil Red Upper Body # 1: In Central Protection, go upstairs and also right into the vents (screenshot 1-3). Take the very first best kip down the vents (screenshot 3) and also at the end you discover an electrical generator (screenshot 4). Trigger the generator so the yellow cable television linked to it obtains energized. Then you need to comply with the yellow cord exterior (screenshot 5) and also a door will certainly currently be opened to the red breast (screenshot 6).

The Anvil Red Upper Body # 2: In the jail space with the Skies Bullies Target of Possibility, you can discover this on the really leading. Dive to the space displayed in screenshot 3 (leading flooring with red number 25 beside door).

The Anvil Red Upper Body # 3: After eliminating The Warden employer, in the area after the one in charge battle where the "Ultramax Apex" rapid traveling factor remains in.

Jakobs Estate (2 Red Upper Bodies)

Jakobs Estate Red Upper Body # 1: In the location you open throughout Side Objective: Witch's Mixture. You can still return afterwards objective. The red breast is being in ordinary view (screenshot 1-2 notes the place).

Jakobs Estate Red Upper Body # 2: After beating Billy, the Anointed Goliath in the Cinema, fall the ladder in the cinema and also experience the rooms (typical tale course). Then the red breast will certainly remain in ordinary view on the primary course (can just enter one instructions below). Yet prior to falling to the underground chamber.

Ravenous Cover (3 Red Upper Bodies)

Ravenous Cover Red Upper Body # 1: In the Scientific research Station, in a residence on the side of the station (screenshot 1-2). You should fire a red target on the top flooring of that structure (screenshot 3) to open up the secured door (screenshot 3). Then you can locate the red upper body behind that door. In order to fire the target, get on the roofing system of the nearby structure.

Starved Cover Red Upper Body # 2: At the end of the lengthy structure facility in Ravenous Cover, you can climb a yellow step behind an ammunition dump & medications vending device. Fire the red target at the beginning of a yellow electrical cord (place in screenshot 1-2, target in screenshot 3). Then adhere to the energized cable television throughout (screenshot 4) to discover the breast (screenshot 5).

Ravenous Cover Red Upper Body # 3: After beating GenIVIV manager, a door in the one in charge battle location opens to the "Bridge of the Gem" quick traveling factor (screenshot 3). The upper body remains in there, resting next to the rapid traveling (screenshot 4).

Ambermire (3 Red Breasts)

Ambermire Red Breast # 1: Under some wood stairways. Stroll under the stairways as well as crouch under the wood barrier, the upper body lags this.

Ambermire Red Breast # 2: Rests beside the Crimson Radio (Staff Difficulty-- screenshot 4). On top of a tower, need to climb there through the ladders (screenshot 3 for ladder to begin climbing up).

Ambermire Red Breast # 3: On the crane.

Blackbarrel Cellars (1 Red Breast)

Blackbarrel Cellars Red Breast # 1: In the 5th area of the Blackbarrel Cellars, on a veranda. Go up by means of packages on the side (screenshot 3).


Nekrotafeyo has 7 Red Breast Places.

Desolation's Side (3 Red Breasts)

Desolation's Side Red Upper body # 1: Throughout Side Objective: Homeopathological you obtain the purpose to "open up package of harmony" which is the red upper body. It's an unmissable purpose. Simply do the side objective and also you'll obtain it.

Desolation's Side Red Upper body # 2: Throughout Side Objective: Bad Vibrations when you ride the heavy steam jet (air that raises you up).

Desolation's Side Red Breast # 3: In addition to some rock columns (screenshot 3 reveals the course).

Tazendeer Damages (2 Red Upper Bodies)

Tazendeer Ruins Red Breast # 1: You require to leap over a tree branch (screenshot 3) to locate the red upper body at the end of the course (screenshot 4).

Tazendeer Ruins Red Breast # 2: Where you deal with the Sylestro & Atomic Targets of Chance.

The Pyre of Stars (2 Red Breasts)

The Pyre of Stars Red Breast # 1: There's a covert area on the appropriate side you can leap to when you leap up some columns.

The Pyre of Stars Red Breast # 2: On the left side of the Damp Well location, behind a tiny falls.

That's all 57 Red Chests in Borderlands 3 (BL3)!

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