Near The Cross composed by Fanny Crosby organized by Frank Williams videotaped by Mississippi Mass Choir

The Complete Verses

Knowledgeable 1: Jesus maintain me near the cross, there's a valuable water fountain; complimentary to all a recovery stream, moves from Calvary's hill.

Knowledgeable 2: Near the cross I wait as well as see, really hoping as well as relying on ever before; 'til I get to that gold hair, it's simply past the river.

Carolers 1: In the cross, in the cross be my magnificence ever before; 'til my raptured spirit will locate, among nowadays I will certainly locate remainder, remainder past the river.

Carolers 2: In the cross, in the cross be my splendor ever before; 'til my raptured, 'til my raptured spirit will findrest past the river.

Vamp 1: He'll provide me fantastic rest.He'll offer me sanctified rest.He'll offer me remarkable rest.He'll provide me eternal remainder.

Vamp 2 Relax, He'll provide me remainder.

Vamp 3: Relax, He'll provide me rest.He'll provide me terrific remainder.

Relax, He'll offer me rest.He'll provide me sanctified remainder.

Relax, He'll offer me rest.He'll provide me marvelous remainder.

Relax, He'll offer me rest.He'll provide me eternal remainder.

Vamp 4: Relax, rest.Rest, remainder.

Finishing: Relax past the river.

The Video clip

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