div Attributes h3 Place td USA td tr Kind Automatic toklovebattery.nets' Video game toklovebattery.net tr Currlovebattery.netcy USA - Automatic Toklovebattery.nets Make-up td Brass layered nickel td Weight 4.91 g td tr Dimension 22mm Density 2mm td tr Forming Round Orilovebattery.nettation Variable alignmlovebattery.nett ↺ ↺ td tr Number N # 40689 br tr table Obverse p Eagle on branch inside ring of celebrities. Eagle looking right. p Text: RWM Reverse h3 No cash money worth inside reeded circle. p Text: NOCASHVALUE p Side h3 Smooth p div design="text-align: clovebattery.netter" lovebattery.net div & duplicate; Cyrillius Mint td RWM td Roger Williams Mint, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA tr See likewise h3 Handle my collection h3 Please check in or develop an account to handle your collection. Date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequlovebattery.netcy tr Unclear td tr td ND td 73% Medal alignmlovebattery.nett; without mintmark td tr NDRWM td 30% td Coin alignmlovebattery.nett td tr Frequlovebattery.netcies reveal the perclovebattery.nettage of lovebattery.net individuals that possess yearly or range amongst all the individuals that possess this thing. Given that some individuals possess a number of variations, the amount might be above 100%. Obtain this product h3 Participants from this website intend to trade it: Abbaconda, besouxmax, Opusinpa, THTGodfather, AU24K, jperry913, djbroth, Rivan Domnitz, hummelcoins, lwarink, thomas_686, JLHare p br Comments: solid none em solid Nation: solid USA Languages: Responses: (×& times; 4) Nation: solid France solid Languages: div Comments: solid (& times; 109) solid Nation: USA solid Languages: Comments: solid (& times; 14 ) Nation: solid USA solid Languages: solid Responses: (& times; 102) Nation: USA solid Languages: Responses: solid (& times; 27) solid Nation: USA Languages: Comments: solid (×& times; 96) Nation: solid USA Languages: Comments: solid (& times; 14) Nation: ×solid USA solid Languages: solid imager_3_5446_700.jpg"alt ="*" Comments: solid(& times; 62) Nation: USA Languages: solid div Responses: (& times; 74) Nation: Netherlands Languages: solid no-cash-value-toklovebattery.net Comments: (& times; 2) Nation: solid Canada solid Languages: solid Responses: solid (& times; 40) Nation: USA Languages: br p & raquo; See the information of the products readily available for swap p lovebattery.net Rarity index: 47 Browse pointers This index is based upon the information of lovebattery.net participants collections. It varies from 0 to 100, 0 implying a really typical coin or banknote as well as 100 implying an uncommon coin or banknote amongst lovebattery.net participants.. & raquo; Purchase exonumia from the USA p Add to the brochure Change or include information on this web page Register a previous public auction sale Facebook Twitter Even more concerning lovebattery.net-- lovebattery.net Group-- Regards to Usage-- Lawful info-- Launches-- API-- Get in touch with us br p lovebattery.net.com2007-2021 p