On any kind of offered Sunday, when God's individuals collect, we originate from different locations in our weeks. Some get in having actually commemorated wondrous landmarks like births and also wedding events. Some from the "status" in the consistency of life. As well as some come birthing the weight of job tensions, household stress, or genuine misfortunes. In all of these scenarios, what do we require most? To stare upon the splendor of our God and also Hero.

When the appeals of this life attract us in, we're advised that "real pleasure is discovered in God alone." When we delicately come close to the Lord for the 300th Sunday straight, we're advised that His elegance is "a well unfathomable to fathom." And also when we're slowed down by life's tests, we're advised that our Lord is our "Rock as well as Redeemer", a solid guard as well as protector, that assures our sanctuary by His loyalty. And also inevitably, our hope stays in our climbed Hero, Jesus Christ, that damaged the bonds of our transgression as well as pity, overcoming the tomb and also fatality!


Modern hymn "O Lord, My Rock as well as My Redeemer" aids us stance ourselves in 3 means prior to God.

Knowledgeable 1: We start by orienting our appreciation initially to God's excellent personality as well as our hopeless demand for Him.

Knowledgeable 2 proceeds this believed by offering us vocabulary to case God's power to persist under test.

Knowledgeable 3: As well as obviously, the hymn surges to check out Christ's atoning fatality and also marvelous rebirth.

Because of our "Depiction" in Christ we have actually been discovering in Romans 5. His fatality is our fatality to transgression. As well as his rebirth is our rebirth to brand-new life. Right here and also for endless time. Allow us sob out to God with each other as we sing.

- Jonathan

O Lord, My Rock as well as My Redeemer

Composed by Nathan Stiff



O Lord, my Rock and also my Redeemer (Ps 19:14) Biggest prize of my wishing heart (Ps 42:1; Matt 13:44; Phil 3:8) My God, like You there is nothing else (1 Sam 2:2; 2 Sam 7:22) Real joy is discovered in You alone (Ps 1:2, 37:4, 73:26; Mt 6:33) Your elegance, a well unfathomable to fathom (Ps 103:12; Rm 5:20; Eph 2:7) Your love surpasses the paradises' reach (Ps 19:1, 36:5, 103:11) Your reality, a fount of excellent knowledge (Ps 19:7; Public Relations 9:10; Col 2:2 -3; Ja 1:5) My highest possible excellent and also my never-ending requirement (Ps 40:17, 136:1; Rm 8:28)

KNOWLEDGEABLE 2 O Lord, my Rock as well as my Redeemer (Ps 18:2) Solid protector of my tired heart (Ps 50:15, 145:19) My sword to combat the harsh trickster (Ps 28:7 -8; Heb 4:12) And also my guard versus his despiteful darts (Gen 15:1; Ps 91:3; Eph 6:16) When opponents border me [my tune [solid> (Deut 33:27; Ps 40:3) When trends of grief surge [my hope [solid> (Rm 5:1 -2; Col 1:27; 1 Pt 1:3) When tests are being plentiful [my happiness [solid> (Rm 5:3 -5; Ja 1:2; 1 Pt 1:6) Your loyalty, my sanctuary in the evening (Ps 46:1, 62:7; 91:4; 2 Th 3:3)

KNOWLEDGEABLE 3 O Lord, my Rock and also my Redeemer (Ps 62:2) Gracious Hero of my spoiled life (Ps 51:1 -2; Lk 2:11, 19:10; Rm 8:1) My shame and also go across laid on Your shoulders (Is 53:6; Rm 4:25; 1 Pt 2:24) In my area You experienced passed away as well as hemorrhaged (Rm 5:6; Col 2:14; 1 Pt 3:18) You climbed, the tomb and also fatality are overcome (Rm 1:4; 1 Carbon monoxide 15:55 -57) You damaged my bonds of transgression and also embarassment (Rm 6:4 -8, 8:2; Girl 5:1) O Lord, my Rock and also my Redeemer (1 Pt 2:4) May all my days bring magnificence to Your Call (Eph 1:4 -6; 1 Carbon monoxide 10:31; 1 Pt 2:12)