In the most up to date problem of the Japanese publication VJump and also Weekly Shonen Dive, both for sale on a March 21 as a result of a legal holiday, exposed all 42 usable personalities (strangily sufficient we counted a couple of brief, nevertheless) for One Item: Burning Blood, with a couple of brand-new enhancements not consisted of in previous One Item video games!


* A spread including the Paramecia as well as Zoan Fruit customers. A spread including the Logia Fruit and also Haki users.Here's the listing:

-- Luffy( Equipment 4 ver. consisted of as Japanese very first version Incentive DLC, Pre-as well as Blog post timeskip ver., with Kungfu and also Champion/Afro Ver. Luffy as a European/US preorder reward DLC )-- Zoro-- Sanji-- Nami(different as well as typical bikini ver. as Japanese initial version DLC )-- Usopp(consists of Pop Eco-friendly assault )-- Robin(different and also typical bikini ver. as Japanese very first version DLC)-- Franky (consists of General Franky improvement)-- Creek-- Chopper-- Whitebeard-- Boa Hancock (different as well as regular bikini ver. as Japanese very first version DLC)-- Doflamingo-- Bartholomew Kuma-- Gecko Moria-- Ivankov-- Bon Clay-- Buggy-- Bartolomeo-- Perona (different and also regular swimwear ver. as Japanese initial version DLC )-- Marco-- Sengoku (can likewise change right into his Golden Buddha type)-- X-Drake (can additionally change right into his dinosaur makeover )-- Regulation-- Shanks-- Blackbeard( additionally with a ver. utilizing both Adversary fruits)-- Eneru( consists of the normal 200 Million Volt change )-- Kizaru-- Akainu-- Aokiji-- Cigarette Smoker(Pre-and also Message timeskip ver.)-- Crocodile-- Sabo-- Ace-- Fujitora-- Jozu-- Child-- Mihawk-- Koala-- Citizen-- Jimbe The concern of Dive likewise discussed that Koala will certainly be obtaining the exact same unjustified fanservice therapy as her fellow women usable personalities. Individuals that get the One Item Burning Fight method manual, created by the VJump content personnel, will certainly likewise

obtain unique DLC in the type of a swimwear variation Koala. * Japan will have a V-Jump special swimwear variation of Koala.The publication will additionally consist of the normal introduction of all 42 * personalities' unique combinations together with an overview to


the Paramount Battle Mode.For a video game that, because the start, prided itself on its distinct

idea of "Haki-users versus Evil one Fruit customers"as an idea, are you let down or delighted that a great deal of non-haki customers were likewise consisted of in this personality lineup or otherwise? Response in the remark area listed below! * According to the April 1 problem of Saikyô Dive, there will certainly be 40 various usable personalities with a pre-as well as post-timeskip variation for Luffy and also Cigarette smoker. The overall of normal usable personalities therefore equals to 42 various usable personalities at launch