Period 8 Episode 13 - Crossing at White Plume

Wild hires Jonas Screw to lead the herd to and also throughout the river. Wild discovers Jonas intoxicated and also terminates him. The watering hole proprietor attempts to fool Brawler out of a 1000 head making use of Jonas. Air Day: 7th-Dec-1965

Period 8 Episode 1 - Experience at Boot Hillside

Morgan Kane as well as his kid Jethro hang 2 drifters that eliminated his boy, Vance. Morgan eliminates Peters as well as seriously injuries Ian that attempted to quit it. Wild takes Ian to Regis for clinical focus. He attempts unsuccessfully to obtain the regulation to examine Peter"s eliminating. Constable Blaine states the drifters damaged Vance"s neck. Blaine is blackmailing Jethro. The coroner"s inquest locates the Kane"s innocent. Brawler informs Morgan he"s taking him and also his kid to Wichita for a reasonable test. Air Day: 14th-Sep-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 2 - Flight an Uneven Mile

Air Day: 21st-Sep-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 3 - 6 Weeks to Bent Fork

Mr. Fletcher uses Brawler $6,000 to obtain 1500 head to Bent Fork in 6 weeks or much less. There is a fine of $30 for every head that doesn"t make it. Lash Whitcomb, among Fletcher"s males is accompanying as Segundo (# 2 guy). Lash and also Wild differ on which path to take. Wild checks his out. It brings about a box canyon. Wild"s equine strikes a chuckhole as well as he is tossed as well as damages some ribs. Brawler informs Lash to take control of. 10 miles as well as 3 days from Bent Fork, Constable John Keeley, claims there is a sixty day quarantine on Texas livestock. Air Day: 28th-Sep-1965Read Much More

Period 8 Episode 4 - Stroll right into Fear

A mine give in catches Quince as well as Simon. New drover Ed claims he"s located some blowing up gel as well as weapon cotton. He and also his pal Jerry will certainly blow them out for $500. It is a risky trip carrying the unpredictable gel to the mine in a weak old wagon. Air Day: 5th-Oct-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 5 - Companion to Doom

Brawler gets the help of 8 Indians that have actually been tracking the herd to reach the Little Red River. Their leader, Yellow Sunlight, looks white. The drovers, especially Desire doesn"t like it. The various other Indians, specifically Quadero doesn"t like it. Air Day: 12th-Oct-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 6 - Captive for Hanging

Brawler is held for ransom money by a family members of misaligned steed investors. Quince, Jed, Dream as well as Simon attempt to work out a deal unsuccessfully. The household is led by Ma Gufler. Her 2 boys are Jesse as well as dim-witted Max. They prepare to hang Brawler. Jed flights in to speak points over. Air Day: 19th-Oct-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 7 - Vasquez Female

Colonel Emilio Vasquez ""purchases"" 200 head from Quince, Jed and also Simon in Mexico. Jed goes to community to see if the pesos deserve anything. The gringo that runs the community states they"re simply paper. Emilio"s other half, Maria, was left and also remains in bench. Emilio slips right into community as well as eliminates the gringo, however doesn"t obtain Maria. Jed runs away with Maria. Jed as well as Emilio suggest over the regards to her return. Air Day: 26th-Oct-1965Read Much More

Period 8 Episode 8 - Clash at Broken Bluff

Brawler has to encourage a young widow to permit the herd on her land to shield it from the a norther. She is associated with the suffragette motion. The public house proprietor will certainly do anything to quit females from obtaining the ballot. If they stick about, the drovers are permitted to elect. The watering hole proprietor purchases their ballots, yet Brawler has 2nd thoghts. Air Day: 2nd-Nov-1965Read Much More

Period 8 Episode 9 - The Quest

Jed is being sought by Marshall Hanson Dickson, a popular lawman. Dickson asserts Jed Is James Carothers desired dead of active for murder in Missouri. Jed claims he was free from the cost. Air Day: 9th-Nov-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 10 - Battle at Sunrise

The brand-new drover, a young southerly gent, Roman Bedford, has actually sustained the rage of the cattle ranch supervisor they"re grabbing livestock from. Roman has actually taken note of the cattle ranch proprietor"s little girl, with whom the supervisor has purposes. The cattle ranch proprietor has actually maintain concealed his past from his little girl. Air Day: 16th-Nov-1965Read Even More

Period 8 Episode 11 - Brush Battle at Buford

Significant Buford that defended the south connections his herd in with Wild"s. He does this so he can go across Fight it out Aberdeen"s land. Fight it out was a POW in a Confederate jail, as well as won"t allow Buford livestock cross his land. The significant"s child Court dislikes anything Yankee. Union pressures melted the Buford estate in Virginia, and also not long after Mrs. Buford passed away. Battle each other sends bogus supply examiners that assert much of the livestock are somebody else"s. Air Day: 23rd-Nov-1965Read A Lot More

Period 8 Episode 12 - Screening Article

A military lieutenant appropriations 100 prime guides and also just supplies a paper in return. He draws a weapon and also Wild wings him. Supports come requiring the 100 head. Brawler goes forty miles to the ft as well as the significant states he can"t pay him. Air Day: 30th-Nov-1965Read Much More

Period 8 Episode 13 - Crossing at White Plume

Wild hires Jonas Screw to lead the herd to as well as throughout the river. Wild discovers Jonas intoxicated as well as terminates him. The drinkery proprietor attempts to fool Brawler out of a 1000 head making use of Jonas. Air Day: 7th-Dec-1965Read Much More


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