Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows

The 5th access in Liarsoft"s Steampunk Collection is a strange fairy tale in which dream as well as truth link.

The tale unravels from the viewpoints of 2 ladies:

One that takes a trip via the damages of Engine City New york city, ruined in an inexplicable calamity some years prior to; and also one that discovers herself in a below ground globe with a purple skies, where the "disappeared" city still stands.

The main emphasis of the story is Lily, a woman lacking memories that triggers via the bizarrely changed "Below ground New york city."Driven by her decision to get to the "ends of the skies," she takes a trip via this unsafe globe gone along with by an enigmatic boy referred to as A. Throughout her challenging as well as lengthy trip, they satisfy a lot of the city"s occupants, as well as ward off the assaults of weird as well as distressing beasts.

What exists at the end of the roadway Lily travels?How is she linked to the female checking out the damages on the surface?And why was New york city ruined?

During their trips, lots of secrets will certainly be unwinded ...

Similar to Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning we prepare to bring Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows to both as well as Heavy steam.


The year is 1907. The 20th century is still young.

This is a globe that experienced a 19th century really various from our very own. A globe of numerous steam-powered Engines. The unnaturally fast advancement of this vapor people filled up the air with smoke, burglarizing humankind of heaven skies they"d as soon as recognized.

There is one area specifically where the skies is darker than anywhere else: the damages of the Engine city New york city, constantly shrouded in grey clouds and also contaminated rainfall. 5 years back, a mystical calamity referred to as the "Wonderful Loss" lowered this whole city to a deserted, collapsing marsh. Sealed from the globe by the USA federal government, it stands in utter silence. Not a solitary heart currently strolls its roads.

Yet today, a female called Elysia silently establishes foot inside it - led by a single purpose.Her location: old Manhattan, claimed to be the center of the catastrophe.Unbeknownst to her ...

There is a location claimed to be the city"s "Below ground." This is a massive below ground world, penetrated with a dark purple light. Nobody externally globe understands of its existence.In this area, the Skyscrapers that collapsed 5 years ago still stand high; however their kinds are twisted as well as deformed."Below Ground New York City" is an area of black and also violet darkness. A jail without any departure. And also under its abnormal "skies," the females and also guys that disappeared 5 years ago still exist ...

Shrinking in anxiety of the 7 beasts called the "Messengers." Enduring horror, misery, and also fatality by the "Messengers."They stick around on in this twisted below ground city, as if awaiting something.

A woman called Lily enters this location, her mind lacking memories.There is just one point she"s specific of.She doesn"t have a factor. She doesn"t recognize that or what awaits her. She doesn"t also understand why she feels this way.But however, she"s definitely specific.

"Manhattan. Completions of the violet skies." "I need to go there. I"m the just one that can."

─ The woman establishes off for the tower of violet darkness impending much distant. ─ With every action, she locates the tones of those yet to disappear. ─ She isn"t knowledgeable about the splits she drops.

Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows
Programmer: Liarsoft
System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Language: Japanese sound (complete voice), English message
Category: Alternative background, steampunk
Initial Idea, Manuscript, Instructions: Hikaru Sakurai
Art, Personality Style: Akira
Opening & End Motif Vocals: Rita
Songs: Bluberry & Yogurt, M.U.T.S. songs workshop