div UiM10PcCRgw" My tea"s gone chilly I"m asking yourself why Igot out of bed whatsoever. solid The early morning storm cloud up my home window , and also I can"t see at all.And also if I could, it would certainly all be grey, however your image on my wall.It advises me that it"s not so bad.It"s not so negative. I"m curious about the grammatic feature of rainfall, clouds, and also up. p Is clouds up the (phrasal) drizzle the topic and also verb, or is storm cloud a substance noun and also up a preposition? A) What is it? It"s the early morning rainfall. What does it do? It shadows up my home window. The early morning storm cloud up my home window. p B) What is it? It"s the early morning storm cloud. Where are they? They are up my home window. The early morning storm cloud up my home window. What do you believe? p suggesting meaning-in-context grammaticality grammaticality-in-context br Share br Enhance this concern br Comply with br modified Jul 16 at 17:21 div style="text-align: center" stangdon 30.5 k55 gold badges5050 silver badges7171 bronze badges br asked Jul 16 at 16:17 div style="text-align: center" Muhammad ArslanMuhammad Arslan br 35011 gold badge11 silver badge1212 bronze badges br 4 Include a remark| h2 2 Solutions 2 h2 br Energetic Oldest Votes 2 br The p early morning solid - noun utilized attributively, i.e. running as an adjective p solid rainfall - noun "the early morning rainfall" = the rainfall in the early morning p solid clouds solid (verb) - to cloud - to cover or cover with haze or to trigger the misting or obscuring of something.) When rainfall drops on it, most likely a referral to the condensation that shows up on the within of a home window pane. p up - adverb (commonly utilized in phrasal verbs) = totally, ultimately, right. my home window , - things. p Share Boost this response Adhere to addressed Jul 16 at 19:30 div br GreybeardGreybeard 1,17033 silver badges1010 bronze badges Include a remark| 2 It"s a complete sentence. "Clouds up" is a phrasal verb (transitive, with "my home window" as its things), and also "the early morning rainfall" is certainly the topic. Share Boost this response br Comply with responded to Jul 16 at 18:19 lovebattery.net DiviznaDivizna 30244 bronze badges Include a remark| h2 Your Response br Many thanks for adding a response to English Language Learners Heap Exchange! p Please make sure to em respond to the concern em Supply information as well as share your research study! Yet em stay clear of ... Requesting assistance, information, or reacting to various other answers.Making declarations based upon viewpoint; back them up with recommendations or individual experience. To get more information, see our pointers on creating fantastic solutions. Draft conserved Draft threw out br Register or visit Join making use of Google Register making use of Facebook Subscribe making use of Email and also Password Send Blog post as a visitor h3 Call Email Required, however never ever revealed Blog post as a visitor h3 Call br Email p Called for, yet never ever revealed p Message Your Solution Discard By clicking "Blog post Your Solution", you accept our regards to solution, personal privacy plan as well as cookie plan Not the solution you'& #x 27; re seeking? Search various other inquiries marked suggesting meaning-in-context grammaticality grammaticality-in-context or ask your very own inquiry. h2 Upcoming Occasions Included on Meta Relevant br 1 What does "It'' s I ' ll be right here" suggest? 1 Significance of"to connect so. down"in unfortunate tune verse br 1 Rock-a-bye infant 2 br Definition of "collecting rock"in tune verses 1 implying in context in these sentences 0 "Take your assumption, spurious at ideal ": what does it suggest? 0 "Don ' t function what you are taking down. "Implying br 0 What is the significance of"She gazed mechanically at your house oppiste "in the adhering to sentences? 1 Definition of "with a guilty air" 1 "this'advises me of", "this advised me of","this made me think about","I ' m advised of", exist any kind of distinctions? Warm Network Questions much more warm concerns p Inquiry feed Sign up for RSS Inquiry feed To sign up for this RSS feed, duplicate and also paste this link right into your RSS visitor. p br div English Language Learners Firm Heap Exchange Network website layout/ logo design © © 2021 Heap Exchange Inc; individual payments certified under cc by-sa. rev2021.10.25.40561 p English Language Learners Heap Exchange functions finest with JavaScript made it possible for the-morning-rain-clouds-up-my-window br p Your personal privacy p By clicking "Approve all cookies", you concur Heap Exchange can keep cookies on your gadget and also divulge info based on our Cookie Plan.