embed div p This is an overview to the pursuit labelled The Warble of a Smitten Knight from The Witcher 3: Wild Quest. Continue reading to discover areas, incentives, finest selections, ideal results, along with valuable ideas as well as method for finishing this pursuit. p tr Previous Pursuit Current Pursuit Next Mission tr - td The Warble of a Smitten Knight td - td p The Warble of a Smitten Knight Choices as well as Finest Option div Inform Guillaume regarding Vivienne"s Curse h3 p If you made a decision to inform Guillaume regarding Vivienne"s curse, the pursuit will instantly play out with Vivienne selecting the water technique. p Maintain Your Guarantee to Vivienne The pursuit will immediately play out with Vivienne selecting the egg approach if you made a decision to maintain your assurance with Vivienne and also not inform Guillaume concerning her curse. Ideal Option h3 The most effective selection right here is to Inform Guillaume regarding Vivienne"s Curse Doing this will certainly supply the most effective finishing for this mission. The Warble of a Smitten Knight Tips and also Methods h3 Fight Approaches h3 Panther You can cast the Indicators; Aard, Igni, as well as Axii to impact them with standings as well as offer on your own an opening up to assault. tr td Panther Weak Points as well as Loot table Wight Cast the Axii Join them to stun them for a considerable quantity of time and also assault them from behind. Wight Weaknesses as well as Loot td tr Barghest Layer your Silver Sword with Specter Oil to deal perk damages to them. You can cast the Yrden Indication and also battle around it to offer on your own a great deal of time to evade their rapid strikes. table Barghest Weak Points and also Loot tr Knights Throughout this battle you can not make use of Bombs or indicators, so the very best means to take care of them is to assault them from behind while they are sidetracked by your team.Sir Gregoire Sir Gregoire has no weak points, so the most effective method you can take care of him is by assaulting him from behind whenever he is at risk. Is The Warble of a Smitten Knight Well Worth It? h2 This area is presently unfinished. Please examine back quickly. The Witcher 3 Relevant Hyperlinks h2 div p All Blood as well as A Glass Of Wine Additional Pursuits No. Mission TitleLocationSugg. Degree tr - Mutual of Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom td - tr - Words of the Prophets are Composed on Sarcophagi td - td tr - td Till Fatality Do You Component td - td tr - td Utilizing Your Loaf td - - td Vintner"s Agreement: Chuchote Cavern td - td tr - td Vintner"s Agreement: Duchaton Crest td - tr - Of Sheers and also a Witcher I Sing td - td - Clenched fists of Fierceness: Toussaint td - td tr - Gwent Mission: Never Ever Concern, Skellige's Right here! td - N/A td - Among the Mill"s Grist td Count de la Croix"s Mill N/A tr - Vintner"s Agreement: Rivecalme Warehouse td Duchaton Crest td 37 td tr - Red Wine Battles: Belgaard td Plegmund"s BridgeBelgaard Winery td 37 and also 39 td tr td - td Red Wine Battles: Mingling Plegmund"s Bridge 40 - td A Glass Of Wine Battles: Coronata td Woodland HerbariumPittapatte River Crossing 37 td - td White wine Battles: The Deus in the Machina td Deserted Warehouse td 42 td - td Red Wine Battles: Vermentino td Dantan GladeHerbalist"s HutPavone Incline td 37 tr - Huge Feet to Load td - td - td A Knight's Stories td - td tr - Large Feet to Fill Up: The Third Team td - td tr td - Huge Feet to Load: The 4th Team td - tr td - td Large Feet to Fill Up: The Fifth Team td - td tr - td Severe Cosplay td - td tr - td Knight for Hire td - tr - Flaming Wolf td - tr td - A Picture of the Witcher as an Old Guy td The Grandma"placeBeauclair PalaceRosetree HillDuchaton Crest 43 td tr - The Advantages of Being an Offender td - td tr - Large Feet to Load: The First Team - td N/A - Huge Feet to Load: The Secondly Team td - N/A tr - td Duck, Duck, Goosed! td Land of a Thousand Fables 47 td tr - Daddy Knows Worst td Doren Alma Estate 37 tr - td Benefits, Thoughtful, Terrific Spheres of Granite! td Albertus Underground chamber td 36 td tr td - Gwent Pursuit: To Whatever - Transform, Transform, Competition! td Beauclair 38 td - td Master Master! Beauclair td 40 td tr td - td No Location Like House (Blood as well as Red Wine) td Corvo Bianco td N/A tr - td Paperchase td Cianfanelli Financial Institution at The Grandmother"location 36 tr - td The Cravings Video game td Beauclair Port td 42 td tr - td The Warble of a Smitten Knight Corvo BiancoTrastamara Searching Home td 35 td tr td - td There Can Be Just One td Toussaint Jail td 43 tr - Transform as well as Face the Odd td BeauclairBeach near Mère-Lachaiselongue Burial Ground td 35 td - td Vintner"s Agreement: Cleansing Those Hard-to-Reach Places td Chuchote Cavern 43 td - td Vintner"s Agreement: Dun Tynne Hill Gray Underground chamber td 40 See The Listing of All Missions p