In this short article, we"ll reveal you precisely just how to determine 2/3 of 6 so you can exercise the portion of any kind of number swiftly and also quickly! Allow"s reach the mathematics!

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You most likely understand that the number over the portion line is called the numerator and also the number listed below it is called the common denominator. To exercise the portion of any kind of number, we initially require to transform that number right into a portion too.

Below"s a little idea for you. Any kind of number can be transformed to portion if you make use of 1 as the :

So since we"ve transformed 6 right into a portion, to exercise the response, we placed the portion 2/3 side-by-side with our brand-new portion, 6/1 to ensure that we can increase those 2 portions.

That"s right, all you require to do is transform the entire number to a portion and afterwards increase the as well as numerators. Allow"s have a look:

In this situation, our brand-new portion can in fact be streamlined down even more. To do that, we require to locate the best typical variable of both numbers.

If you desire to, you can utilize our convenient GCF calculator to function this out on your own. We currently did that, and also the GCF of 12 as well as 3 is 3

We can currently separate both the brand-new numerator as well as the by 3 to streamline this portion to its most affordable terms.

12/3 = 4

3/3 = 1

When we placed that with each other, we can see that our total solution is:

The full as well as streamlined solution to the inquiry what is 2/3 of 6 is:


With any luck this tutorial has actually aided you to comprehend just how to discover the portion of any type of digit. You can currently go try with even more numbers to exercise your newfound portion abilities.

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