Recommended degree: 25

Team: Second Pursuits

Place: Velen

When you get to the town of Honorton and also eliminate the alghouls (24,25) you run into there, you will certainly get this mission instantly.

If you got to the town after reviewing the agreement published on the notification board as well as well as hence you got the "Agreement: The Monster of Honorton" mission:

Geralt would certainly frequently specify that every witcher agreement coincides. Check out a notification, discover that published it, suggest over the incentive, look for witnesses, and so on, advertisement nauseam. I, nevertheless, constantly held that underneath these surface resemblances lay a sea of distinction. For instance, Geralt would certainly often find his companies had actually brought the monster upon themselves, while various other times he"d find out eliminating the beast concerned was yet component of somebody"s bigger (typically villainous) plan. As well as soon as, in Honorton ... Ah, since was an additional agreement entirely.

If you located the town by yourself:

Life in Velen is difficult. Bandits as well as beasts prowl the timbers. Militaries squash the areas and also invade the granaries. Condition gets on everybody"s lips - essentially. Yet, as the preferred stating in those components went, absolutely nothing"s so poor that it can"t worsen - the fact of which the occupants of Honorton discovered in one of the most harsh means feasible. Their whole town was killed, leaving just necrophages to stroll the courses in between its huts.

Associated sights

HonortonVelen/ Novigrad

1. Check out the town utilizing your Witcher Detects.

There are lots of hints in the town that you can discover, yet all you need to do is check out the head of the leshen you discover in the biggest of your houses ...

... the remains of a male that resembles somebody crucial that remains in the barn ...

... as well as the remains of one more guy in among the various other huts.

In the barn you will certainly find another alghoul (25 ), and also 2 even more alghouls (23) will certainly involve the town eventually. You will certainly see a little lady that ran via the town and also concealed someplace when you have actually checked out all the needed hints.

2. Utilize your Witcher Detects to locate the lady.

In the area where you identified the lady you will certainly locate a doll as well as impacts of a kid. Take the doll as well as comply with the impacts till you get to the tree behind which the lady is concealing.

The lady will certainly be really frightened. To find out something from her you need to initially soothe her down. You can make use of Misconception (1) and afterwards you will certainly obtain additional XP or simply provide her the doll you located. She will certainly then inform you concerning an additional witch that was the wrongdoer of the town carnage as well as offer you his medallion she located in the barn - College of the Feline Medallion

It ended up the harsh criminal of the carnage of Honorton was not a beast neither also an outlaw, however among Geralt"s fellow specialists - a witcher from the ill-famed Institution of the Pet cat.

3. Adhere to the tracks in the rock circle utilizing your Witcher Detects.

Most likely to the rock circle, which lies northeast of the town, and also discover and also take a look at the impacts of one more witcher.

4. Adhere to the Institution of the Pet cat witcher"s tracks utilizing your Witcher Detects.

Comply with the impacts and also eliminate the pack of wolves (5) that will certainly stand in your method. You will certainly locate traces of new blood close by. Adhering to the traces, you will certainly get to the rock sculptures where injured Gaetan will certainly be resting. Speak with him.

You can assault him without talking with him a lot longer or pay attention to his variation of what occurred in Honorton initially. If you pay attention to his variation as well as determine to save him, he will certainly provide you the place of his secure down payment box and also you will certainly get one more pursuit - Take What You Desire.

Caution : Prior to you go to obtain the prize, go back to the woman as well as take her to her loved ones, due to the fact that if you take a trip as well far the pursuit will certainly stop working.

Gaetan, a witcher from the Institution of the Feline, killed individuals he had actually testified secure. They themselves were, to claim the least, not without wrong - as opposed to revealing due gratefulness for his conclusion of a harmful agreement, they had actually attempted to take his life in a deceptive way. All the same, if the issue had actually been placed prior to a court, Gaetan would certainly have certainly upright the hangings. Yet Geralt was no court. He was a witcher.

5. (Optional) Eliminate the College of the Pet cat witcher.

The battle will certainly start if you choose to eliminate him. He"s a witcher, so he"ll be utilizing the quen indicator. If you allowed him make use of the ingest, he will certainly blind you with a bomb rather, making it more challenging to combat him for some time.

When you eliminate him, you ought to have the ability to locate a witcher"s steel sword - Teigr , in his remains.

Caution : In some cases (I believe it"s arbitrary) you will just discover a typical silver sword in his remains, so if you appreciate obtaining this sword, it"s best to conserve the video game prior to you begin speaking with Gaetan.

Geralt held his task was to shield sentient beings from dangers nothing else can overcome - regardless of whether the beings concerned were saints or cheats. Gaetan had actually shown himself simply such a risk, so Geralt disregarded his reasons and also eliminated his fellow witcher.

6. Companion the lady from Honorton to her loved ones in Oreton.

Return to the lady as well as speak with her. You"ll immediately fit to her auntie in Oreton.

It doesn"t issue a lot what you inform the auntie concerning what took place in the town. You will certainly obtain added XP and also the auntie will certainly be dealing with the lady a little far better if you use her cash for food (40 crowns).

When it comes to the little woman that was the single survivor of the carnage, the witcher did the only point he can - he took her to her kin. He then bid goodbye, wishing she would certainly be offered a cozy space to oversleep and also a dish of beneficial vittles every night.

You will certainly fulfill a lady there once again if you go to Oreton some time later on. You"ll obtain a little present from her, a thanks card attracted by her.

, if you go also much away from the town and also consequently do not take the woman to her household..

When it comes to the little lady & hellip; to talk reality, I put on"t understand what ended up being of her. Probably she took care of to locate her auntie in Oreton on her very own. Or possibly she finished in a wolf"s stubborn belly.

After finishing Where the Feline and also Wolf Play ... you will certainly obtain or will certainly have the ability to obtain Take What You Desire.